Sunny Leone’s Latest Ad For Manforce CondomLands Her In Trouble

Sext Hot actress Sunny ;eone troube

Sunny Leone is one of the hottest divas in Bollywood ever since she steps her foot on Bollywood she is the best subject for controversy.

Now this time Sunny is in trouble for her sexy looks for a condom brand.Sunny Leone is the brand ambassador of famous condom brand Manforce.

The women’s wing of the Republican Party of India demanded the removal of the particular advertisement as it objectifies the female gender. Further, the Goa State Commission for Women has also directed the state-run buses to not carry the condom advertisement featuring Sunny.

The Women’s Wing secretary, Sheela Gangurde told IANS:

The advertising campaign objectifies the feminine gender and has proved to be a sheer embarrassment for all women viewers… It’s a very ugly scene and conveys a very different message. The shabby, immoral and ugly manner in which the actress seduces or sexually provokes a man in the ad to use condoms is nothing but serving immorality and a bad practice to the Indian audiences, hurting their moral ethos, ethics, religious and spiritual values.

 Watch Sunny Leon’s Troublesome add here.

Click this link to watch directly On YouTube.

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